About Me

Girl looking off into the distance with a glass of wine at her table.

Hey there! I’m Olivia, a Washington-based freelance writer. I specialize in crafting authentic, true-to-you copy for all things food, wine, and travel.

I’ve been published in Trending Northwest Magazine and ROVA Magazine. My clients include The Big Man’s World, Emerald Palate, Grape Grind, Wine Turtle, and Well Seasoned Studio, to name a few.

My pleasures are simple: cooking, eating, drinking wine, traveling, and writing. Okay, maybe that’s not so simple, but I digress…

Several years ago, I took my passions on the road and left the food and wine industry after 10 years of dutiful service. I made wine and lived in a van, I got married in Spain, and I turned my passions into my full-time career.

I create written content for wineries, wine blogs, food brands, and travel companies. From short and sweet web copy to long-form blog posts, I keep readers hooked. You take it from there.

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